Highquality components, tools and radiator
accessories since the foundation in 2000.

HUT was founded in 2000 by Heiko Helm. The company founder brought his decades of experience in the development, design and manufacture of radiator brackets in compliance with national, European and QS standards in the company. HUT received several
awards for Research and development. As a reliable contractor, we use our expertise in the following business areas:
Radiator brackets, accessories for underfloor heating, development of radiator brackets up to production, patent application and patent
grant, tool- making and design, punching shop up to 160t, plastic injection molding with ARBURG Allrounder 420 (100t) machines, laser bending parts, contract packaging, contract assembly, series production of welded parts.
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is certified to DIN 9001
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HELM.UMFORM.TECHNIK was awarded by the Stifterverband of the German Science with the seal of quality "Innovative through research".

The award recognizes companies for special commitments to Resarch and development. HELM.UMFORM.TECHNIK operates within the framework of "FuE" projects among other things, with innovative production methods: Gleitziehbiegen with non-standard profiles and Technological combination of hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating.
Heiko Helm
Managing Director
+49 (0) 3525 / 52 98 46
Karl - Josef Gaub
Product Sales Manager
+49 (0) 3525 / 52 90 511
Klaus Köhler
Punching technology,
Plastic injection molding
+49 (0) 3525 / 52 90 125
Silvio Linke
Powder coatingen
+49 (0) 3525 / 51 83 13
Ralf Birnbaum
Laser technology
+49 (0) 3525 / 52 90 137
→  Airport Dresden (Wall and Floorbrackets)
→  Kath. Krankenhaus Erfurt (Wall and Floorbrackets)
→  Uni Klinik Stuttgart (Wall and Floorbrackets)
→  Kreiskrankenhaus Riesa (Wall and Floorbrackets)
→  Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (Wall and Floorbrackets)
→  Special model church pew brackets
→  Airport Moscow Domodedowo (Floorbracket W190)
→  ATP Automobiltechnik Praha s.r.o. (Progressive tools for BOSCH)
→  MAGNA Powertrain (Punching tool for rear axle housing cover)
→  Foreign Office Berlin (Wallbrackets W161-W164)
→  brackets for many schools, kindergartens and prisons etc.